On November 28th - Responsible Luxury Summit with Mazars and Politecnico di Milano, School Of Management

On November 28th 2018, an industrial workshop organised by Mazars and Politecnico di Milano School of Management to discuss how luxury companies could embrace circularity, traceability, transparency and environmental friendly material use across their supply networks.

Responsible Luxury Summit is an annual interactive engagement event organized by Sustainable Luxury Academy, Mazars and Politecnico di Milano School of Management. This year the appointment is on wednesday november 28th. 

The goal is to unlock the principles of responsible luxury management within the fashion industry. Its aim is to create a series of interactive engagement events to foster industrial collaboration, to inspire reliable communication and to spread responsibility, kindness and the act of empathy across luxury supply networks.

This year’s Responsible Luxury Summit hosts an exclusive Industrial Think Tank that provides the practitioners with an unique opportunity to discuss, stimulate and define a set of prioritized targets to the end of responsible luxury management.


During the afternoon, will be a keynote by Mazars called "Incentives for Small and Medium Sized". 

Participate, discuss and drive the change towards a more responsible future!



Sustainable Luxury Academy is committed to support the sustainability transformation taking place in luxury supply chains, through a scientific approach, focusing on pivotal topics including material use, circularity and traceability. The academy will conduct research on how forerunners are engaging with supply chain actors in order to create a shared value concept, and how individual goals could get aligned with sustainable development. Best practices will then be disseminated through workshops and trainings dedicated to participating companies. To this end, Sustainable Luxury Academy invites luxury companies to help us to jointly establish the methodology by which studying and sharing best practices. In that perspective, Mazars supports the Sustainability Luxury Academy, inviting companies and stakeholders to compel with the highest level standards, and roll out virtuous practices related to environment, economic and social dimensions as well as to explore a novel “responsible luxury” paradigm to be promoted across all value chains and territories. In that perspective, Mazars supports the Sustainability Luxury Academy which invite companies and stakeholders to compel with high level standards and roll out virtuous practices related to environment, economic and social dimensions as well as to explore a new paradigm to promote a new luxury promoting innovation all along the value chain and territories.

Sustainable Luxury Academy is coordinated by:

• Prof. Alessandro Brun (Professore del Politecnico di Milano - MIP);

• Prof. Hakan Karaosman (Professore del Politecnico di Milano - MIP Supply Chain ed esperto in Sostenibilità);

• Alessandro Motta (Partner Mazars);

• Sylvain Rousmant (Partner Mazars).

Do you want to know the program of the day? DOWNLOAD THE PDF


Responsible Luxury Summit_​2018.pdf