Leed GOLD Certification for our new Milan Headquarters

The new Mazars Milan Headquarters in Via Ceresio 7, located near the Cimitero Monumentale, in one of the liveliest areas of the city and near the vibrant zone of Porta Nuova, has obtained the high LEED* GOLD Certification, with 69/100 points.

The choice to transfer to this 7-floor building of 3.900 square metres covered with a large rooftop terrace both reflects the strong growth of Mazars in Italy and also Mazars Group Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. Mazars designs and develops   programmes with environmental and social impact at Group level, which are then adopted and customised at country level, with the goal of having a positive impact on the world and communities in which we operate.

 The respect of the territory, the strategic position, the development of local public transport are in fact the elements that, together with the sustainability of the building - built since its design according to the LEED certification standards - have ensured that Mazars immediately embraced the project.

The building participates in the "Integrated Intervention Plan" of the former Enel area which contributes to develop an increasingly sustainable and green Milan.

 The certification obtained after a series of appraisals of the entire building process from design to construction, guarantees the compliance with precise sustainability standards and energy saving criteria. Moreover, it certifies the ecological compatibility of the building, reduction of CO2 emissions, the green credentials of the materials used, the location, the internal air quality and the standard of innovation. The sum of the points from each single category gives the final total from which the level of certification is awarded.

The choice of a highly sustainable building does not only depend on the ecological impact but also the wish to guarantee security and comfort to our employees.
In fact, a plan for the internal air, heating and air-conditioning system was drawn up and a no-smoking policy applied.

Other characteristics of the building are the rubbish management through an efficient and green disposal system, a tank for the collection of rain water, which is then recycled to the sanitary system and a low energy usage illumination system.

* LEED is a voluntary certification programme that covers the life cycle of a building, from design to construction. LEED promotes a sustainability-oriented approach, recognizing the performance of buildings in key aspects, such as energy and water savings, the reduction of CO2 emissions, the improvement of the ecological quality of the interiors, the materials and resources used, the project and the choice of site. The sum of the credits constitutes the certification level: basic (between 40 and 49 points), silver (between 50 and 59), gold (between 60 and 79) and platinum (over 80).

For more info, watch the video
(the video was shot by the Grassi e Crespi Company, general contractor of the project)