Education and Training: Project Finance Modelling

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Our approach

Mazars Financial Modelling designs and delivers world-leading financial modelling, valuations and project finance courses for professionals and teams in infrastructure, energy, natural resources and real estate.

We specialise in financial modelling training, where interactivity and individual coaching are essential components. Through step-by-step, instructor-led case studies, we help you develop new skills which will stay with your through your whole career.

Mazars provides the tools you need to build solid, transparent cash flow models and greatly increase your Excel spreadsheet usage efficiency, with the aim of improving the ability to build and analyze project finance models at all levels.

Therefore, for anyone who needs to start a path or deepen their knowledge on the subject, the training team shall provide the specific courses and material necessary to provide the skills to fully absorb each training content.

Training goals

Our course facilitators are selected from our team of financial modelling, advisory and tax specialists. Mazars has a global staff, which gives deep expertise in a vast area of specialist subjects.

The training of Mazars allows to:

- Achieve consistent and accurate results using the "Mazars Financial Modelling" methodology;

- Learn efficient modeling techniques to provide faster and more accurate analysis;

- Acquire specialized skills to build a flexible and powerful scenario to analyze the sensitivity of key projects;

- Learn time saving techniques including scenario management and data tables;

To stay up to date on the upcoming courses, keep an eye on the website or write to us to learn more.

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