Silvia Carrara Audit Partner

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Partner for Capital Market and Audit in Italy


•She joined Mazars Audit and FAS in Italy 2016 after  approximately 17 years of experience in audit and 9 years of experience at Consob, the Italian Authority for the supervision of the financial markets•Silvia is graduated in Economics in 1989•Silvia is member of Commissions and Groups in Assirevi, including Capital Market and IAS/IFRS GAAP•Silvia is member of AIAF•Legal Auditor


•Silvia has developed a significant experience in IPO processes and analysis of prospectus, mainly at Consob across all industry sectors and a relevant experience in Audit, mainly in industrial sector. Deep Knowledge of local and IAS/IFRS accounting principles (consolidated also through her experience at Consob) and their application in the financial reporting•Responsible of Technichal Accounting Function at Mazars in Italy and of Technichal Consultation Function•Publication of internal and external Mazars articles•Organization of  and participation in Seminars both on accounting and auditing matters•Audit Senior Manager in industrial and distribution sectors, both large and SMEs•Assistance in transition to IAS/IFRS principles and in FTA of IFRS 15 Revenues and IFRS 16 Leases•Worked in Rome, Milan and Bergamo


•Silvia is Italian native,  fluent  in English

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