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We know the opportunities and challenges you face are unique, so let’s talk.

We work with over 50,000 privately owned businesses worldwide – from start-ups and high growth companies, to mature multinationals and family businesses – giving them confidence in their organisations and helping them achieve their ambitions.

We believe society is built on the success of businesses like yours. That’s why we are dedicated to helping make dreams like yours a reality.

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Setting the right direction

Growing your business

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Funding your business

aziende italiane quotate in borsa

Large & listed companies

We are an integrated, international and multicultural partnership with the scale to serve global clients while remaining agile and personal in our approach. The breadth and depth of our expertise and service offering allows us to support leaders across all functions

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Privately owned businesses

We know the opportunities and challenges you face are unique, so let's talk. The Privately Owned Business group at Mazars is made up of experts who work passionately to support the goals of our clients – from family businesses to start-ups to medium-sized businesses

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Società non quotate italiane
Associazioni no profit: quali sono le organizzazioni no profit italiane?

Public & social sector

Driving excellence in service delivery through innovation and partnership

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Servizi per privati

servizi per privati: proteggi il futuro della tua famiglia