Mazars has in-depth knowledge and experience of sector specialisms. As well as being one of the Italy’s leading firms serving the insurance market, we have specialist expertise in banking, retail and consumer markets, industrial products and services, TMT and not-for-profit organisations.

In various sectors, we act for some of the leading businesses in the world. In Banking, Mazars audits BNP-Paribas, the 3rd largest bank in Europe and the 6th largest in the world; in the Retail and Consumer market we audit Pernod-Ricard, the 2nd largest drinks company in the world; and in the Industrial sector, Mazars audits Marcegaglia Group.

In Insurance, Mazars audits AXA, the 3rd largest insurer in the world.

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Energy & Utilities

Mazars proved to be responsive to tight deadlines, technically thorough and easy to work with through continuous communication.

Transports & Logistics

Today, actors in the Transport & Logistics Industry find themselves in an environment undergoing profound changes: skyrocketing prices of raw materials, hardening of regulatory and environmental constraints, globalisation and the intensification of the cross-border flow of goods linked to the widespread opening up of competition, expansion of the e-commerce industry.

Retail and consumer products

The retail market is diverse, complex and increasingly global. We understand the issues faced by companies of all sizes working throughout the supply chain. How? Because across the world, we work with retail companies of all sizes - from growing private businesses to some of the largest companies in the world.

Food & Beverage

Mazars has developed the perfect mixture of key ingredients - knowledge, experience, trust, and independence. Our professionals specialize in growing the business of our food industry clients by adjusting the recipe for success for the unique needs of each client. We pride ourselves in providing quality products and timely services while cultivating relationships. We are quick to react to our clients’ needs and take a proactive approach when the ideas or solutions are stale.


The worldwide automotive market is at its height and is experiencing steady growth. However, this growing industry is changing at two paces: In western countries, the automotive industry is dealing with a mature market, impacted by a complex and turbulent economic environment, where growth is driven by vehicle replacement. And in emerging countries, the market offers many growth opportunities, fuelled by a fast-growing middle class and the development of road infrastructures.


Operating in mature European and North American markets, luxury companies are more and more leaning towards emerging countries (Asia, Middle East, Brazil). The conquest of these new markets pushes industry players to rethink their organizational structure, as well as adapt their processes and resources to their development strategy.

Real estate

Whether you are a developer, owner, manager, or investor, you are in an industry that is highly volatile and subject to numerous pressures. Your competitive advantage lies in your ability to forecast new trends in development in order to better plan for and respond to the dynamics in the industry.