Expatriate tax services

However, international firms have to map out a well-considered cross-border employment policy. For international mobility of employment, expatriation must be prepared in a careful manner, sufficiently in advance, and complying with risk management regulations.

The Mazars Expatriate Desk offers expertise in various areas. Our extensive service package offers:

  • Consultancy on salary split arrangements, special expatriate planning - meeting the needs of your business while being cost-efficient;
  • Consultancy on social security coverage during an assignment or cross-border commuter situation, including the application for a certificate of coverage;
  • Consultancy on foreign pension schemes and (international) stock option schemes;
  • Preparation of personal income tax returns;
  • Consultancy on residence applications and work permits;
  • International payroll services.

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Global mobility services

Today’s economy is becoming more and more international, leading to a continued increase in demand for globally mobile employees. Deploying staff on global assignments can create escalating challenges for managing the risks arising from tax, social security, immigration, payroll and corporation tax considerations.

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