Transaction services

Whether you are looking to grow organically or by acquisition, IPO on a stock exchange, or divest parts of your business, we are able to provide you with a wide range of transaction related services that add real value.

We aim to help you achieve your goals by providing proactive advice that draws on the support of industry sectors experts and the strength of our worldwide integrated partnership.

Our transaction services include:

  • pre-funding reviews
  • due diligence - financial, commercial and operational
  • IPO support services 
  • post deal transformation
  • post acquisition reviews
  • sale and purchase agreement support

Due diligence

Ensuring an acquisition or disposal is completed successfully and at the right price is often a crucial component of an organisation’s development.

At Mazars, we can work with you on all aspects of due diligence and post deal transformation. We ensure that when you commit to a deal, you are doing so fully informed, with the comfort that the risk of unpleasant surprises is minimised.

We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to due diligence. Instead we believe it is critical to understand the strategic objectives of your transaction and tailor our approach to reflect the key issues and risks associated with your deal, as well as the unique characteristics of your organisation. This enables us to report on the issues that matter and provide you with the assurance you need to make the right investment decision.

Our transaction services teams have advised on a multitude of corporate and financial transactions for clients and institutions in Italy and internationally. The Mazars integrated international structure and our experienced and expert teams ensure our clients are fully equipped with the advice they need to make their deals a success.

There are three principal components to our due diligence service offering:

  • Financial due diligence;
  • Commercial due diligence;
  • Operational due diligence.

Financial due diligence

Understanding an organisation’s historical financial performance, its on and off balance sheet assets and liabilities, and the key assumptions underpinning its projected performance is crucial to assessing the viability of a transaction and will ultimately influence the price you are willing to pay.

Whether you are buying or selling a business, we will work closely with you to understand the main drivers behind your deal, your strategic plan going forward and the associated risks to ensure the scope of work is robust and meets the needs of your board, your financial backers or potential acquirer. Typically our report will focus on a critical analysis of the historical and projected financial performance, including:

Identifying potential ‘deal breakers’.

Highlighting issues which may lead to a purchase price adjustment.

Understanding the working capital requirement of the business.

We also use our experience in all aspects of due diligence to provide valuable insights into the commercial, operational and post deal transformation aspects of any deal.

Commercial due diligence

In today’s economic environment it is becoming increasingly important for organisations considering transactions to complement traditional financial due diligence with commercial and operational due diligence. Commercial due diligence enables potential acquirers to make a thorough assessment of a target’s positioning in the context of the current and projected market conditions.

Key here is understanding the wider market and competitive landscape of the target’s industry, and delivering information which is fundamental to assessing both the valuation and purchase price.

At Mazars we help our clients, through strong industry and subject matter knowledge, to understand in detail the target’s:

  • Products and services.
  • Market segment, product and service positioning.
  • Competitive landscape.
  • Strategy and forecast assumptions.
  • Key risks and areas for specific focus during financial due diligence

Our experience in delivering robust analysis of organisations and the markets in which they operate in allows us to provide practical and pragmatic advice. This enables you to gain a deep understanding of the commercial factors impacting a potential acquisition. Armed with this information, you will be better placed to make a more informed decision regarding the scope of operational and financial due diligence and ultimately make the right investment decision.

IPO Support Services

Our team has considerable experience in advising companies on stock exchange IPOs around the world. We have the skills and experience to make the process effective and efficient, and be completed within tight deadlines.

As a fully integrated international firm of accountants we are able advise you on both Italian and global IPO assignments across a wide range of industry sectors.

Our IPO Support Services include:

Reporting accountant services, including:

  • Accountants reports;
  • Long form report;
  • Working capital report;
  • Proforma financial information;
  • Consent and comfort letters;
  • IFRS conversion services;
  • Financial forecast modelling;
  • Financial Reporting Procedures (FRPs);
  • Tax optimisation strategies for the company and shareholders;
  • Management and staff share incentive schemes;
  • Project management – including adviser team appointments.

Post deal transformation

When successfully executed, business integrations and separations can generate material growth, cost synergies and savings for organisations. However, disappointingly over 50% of integrations fail to meet their stated targets, while separations rarely achieve the intended goal.

At Mazars we believe effective post deal transformation planning and execution is critical to the success of all deals. Our services range from providing full planning, implementation and central coordination and delivery of the transformation process, to acting as a sounding and advisory board where we provide objective and independent advice as and when you require.

Our teams have extensive experience of delivering transformations across a full range of sectors for large and small business, adding unique value to you by being:

Flexible – Our style of working and reporting will be driven by your business and your individual needs.

Alert to opportunities – We can help you to achieve quick wins in terms of facilitating an early exit from the transitional support arrangements.

A truly integrated team – Mazars’ organisational structure ensures our teams work seamlessly across borders and service streams providing you with one project team working to one methodology.

Aware of and focused on the intangibles – Human, organisational and relationship capital are critical to any business and a central focus of our post deal transformation service offering.

Involved pre deal – Ideally our work begins pre deal to ensure our teams have the necessary experience to manage the transformation.

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