Project Finance and Modelling Services

Our vision is to establish Mazars as the pre-eminent financial advisory firm in the global infrastructure market. We are one of the few firms who are able to combine market leading expertise with deep knowledge of our chosen sectors - our difference is being able to deliver that capability worldwide as one team.

Mazars’ Project Finance and Financial Modelling team offers a full range of services to both private and public sector bodies. Whether you are a public sector procurer of a PPP project or a seasoned private sector developer or fund, we aim to complement, not duplicate, your strengths.

Financial Modelling: We place financial modelling at the heart of our advisory offering.  Our dedicated financial modelling team specialises in building best practice financial models.

Project Advisory: We offer a whole life project approach to project finance – from development and financial close to the operational phase of projects.

Fund and Investor Advisory: We offer a wide range of services for your fund - from due diligence and valuation to fund restructuring and portfolio advice.

At Mazars, we offer an integrated approach, both in terms of our ability to work internationally and the sector-specific knowledge we can bring to your transactions. Our high level of experience and wide range of expertise allows us to provide you with the best, tailor-made service.

Financial Modelling

Whatever your situation, you will need your financial models to be relevant, reliable and robust.

Corporations and financial institutions are facing an increasingly risk-based business environment, which brings added obligations for improved reporting of information and more robust and transparent analysis.  Mazars can provide spreadsheet-based financial models which are central to these reporting and analysis functions.  

The Mazars financial modelling team acts as a global centre of excellence, providing the firm with expert model audit and financial model building services in support of critical business decisions.

Project Advisory

If you are bidding for the development of a project under a PPP contract, Mazars can help you.

We focus on providing comprehensive insights to bidders and investors as to the scoping, structuring, and allocation of risk in projects so as to ensure they are robust and enduring investments. We can help you produce a bid which is: efficient, flexible, deliverable and competitive, and which supports PPP negotiations and payment mechanisms, as well as the commercial aspect of legal negotiations.

Mazars’ Project Finance and Corporate Finance teams provide a comprehensive service throughout the fundraising process, from initial feasibility to financial close and beyond (the implementation and realisation of value enhancers).

Mazars manages the entire transaction process and brings the deal to a timely conclusion. We initiate and structure transactions; coordinate with other specialist teams and advisers; and negotiate and manage transactions for international clients across a range of project sectors, including energy, renewables, and infrastructure / PPP transactions.

Mazars’ extensive contacts amongst investors and funders in multiple project sectors and jurisdictions allows us to target optimal investors and debt providers, and present investment proposals to them in their preferred style.

Fund and Investor Advisory

Project investments are not passive assets. Project asset and fund managers must have confidence that the operational and financial management of a project is delivering its full potential financial returns.

A full range of services

Mazars offers a wide range of services to you assist you in maximising the quality and revenues of your portfolio:

Portfolio Advice

Mazars’ highly experienced team of experts can work with you to maximise your portfolio’s financial performance. There are a number of enhancements that can be considered across a portfolio in order to enhance shareholder returns and maximise year-on-year cash flow.

Fund Restructuring

We have considerable experience and relationships with funds in the secondary PPP market, and can advise investors on how to restructure the funding of PPP projects. We can assess debt or equity refinancing opportunities through model analysis and our market knowledge, and can negotiate on your behalf to maximise refinancing gains.


Mazars’ typical methodology of a model assessment and market analysis for discount rates allows us to give you the best service. Our independent valuations of investments consider where net present value of equity and subordinated debt cashflowswill be equal to zero, based on a certain discount rate. This, in turn, is based on mark to market principles, and adjusted base case project specifics.

Due Diligence

Undertaking a financial due diligence exercise when buying and selling equity investments in Public Private Partnership (PPP) or Private Finance Initiative (PFI) projects is a core element of PPP/PFI market transactions. Mazars’ experience in this field lies on both the buyer side to support negotiations and provide comfort regarding the financials of the project, and on the seller side to prevent major issues arising which could delay or prevent a sale, and to underpin valuation assumptions.

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