Organizational Services

Organization for Processes and re-engineering
Our main services in this sector are:
- Analysis of organizational structure, identification of critical aspects and revision of roles and jobs.
- Adequacy of the organizational structure following processes of rapid growth or Downsizing
- Analysis of the processes and implementation of a model of process-driven organization.
- Valuation of technical competence.
- Compliance to legislative decree 231/01 e L. 262/05

Project Management

Our team provides competence, resources and professionalism able to manage and coordinate complex projects regarding one or more functional areas of the company.

Our support consists in:

  • Valuation and elaboration of the project;
  • Implementation and continuous monitoring of activities to be carried out, respect of deadlines, identification of alternative solutions with the teams involved and constant update to the management about the progress of the work.

Business Process Re-engineering and Benchmarking

Our main services regarding this activity are the following:

  • Analysis of the process flow and definition of the as-is situation with guidelines for re-engineering;
  • Re-engineering of processes and support in their implementation;
  • Benchmark analysis for a competitive comparison with industry’s best practices.

Domestic or International Treasury

  • Re-definition of the flows of treasury;
  • Group treasury;
  • Cash flow forecasting in the short and medium term.

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