Growth services

Mazars takes a holistic approach to your business needs, one which recognises that the direction and growth of your business are inseparable from your individual objectives.

Our aim is to help your business grow and increase in value. We recognise that you are an expert in your business and seek to complement your expertise with our own. Working with you, we develop, recommend and implement solutions that are appropriate for the needs of your business and its stakeholders.

We work with some of the Italian fastest growing businesses. Our clients include:

  • owner managed and family owned businesses;
  • venture capital backed businesses;
  • companies seeking stock exchange listing/admission to AIM;
  • early stage growth businesses;
  • professional practices and sole traders.

In this area we provide to our customers the following services.

Customer Marketing and New Product Development

  • Customer satisfaction analysis
  • Development of CRM tools
  • Development of strategies of Customer segmentation and Profitability
  • Support in the process of selection and development of new products/services and in the elaboration and implementation of feasibility studies
  • Elaboration of Marketing Intelligence systems and  Database Marketing

Operational Marketing

  • Analysis of competitive positioning of the supply system.
  • Development of the supply system.
  • Support in commercial control activities and strengthening of distribution channels.
  • Support in research of commercial partners and development of a Franchising network.
  • Plans of communication and promotion.
  • Social marketing

Strategic and marketing plan

  • Elaboration of business plan or restructuring plan.
  • Development of marketing plans.
  • Analysis of competitive positioning.
  • Strategic and organizational check-up.
  • Analysis of current markets and identification of new possible markets.Support in the set up of start-up companies
  • Development of business-oriented solutions.

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