Come and learn: Mazars University

Mazars recruits dynamic, high potential people, and our singular mission is to turn them into leaders. To lead our people, to lead our clients, and to lead the industry.

This is why we created Mazars University, to provide world-class education and development for our staff.

Mazars University provides world-class learning opportunities for new joiners up through partners. Granted the prestigious CLIP accreditation for corporate universities in 2014, our programmes are innovative, engaging, and best-in-class.

Today, we are proud to open our European campus in Italy.

Missions of Mazars University

Connecting people

Mazars is a people-driven firm: if we only sell knowledge, our people are our greatest asset, and our collective intelligence is our competitive advantage. Mazars U creates occasions to bring our people together to think, learn, grow, connect, and challenge themselves and their peers. Connecting our staff, whether virtually, in the classroom, or through international exchange programmes, contributes to how we develop new talents and abilities. It is also a top priority in a manager’s set of responsibilities at Mazars.

Boosting global performance

Technical excellence is a condition sine quo non for our existence, and the original DNA of Mazars. Mazars U ensures top-notch technical training for staff around the world. However, in our competitive environment, performance depends as much on “what” we deliver to clients as on “how” we deliver, which means focusing on improving business acumen across a wide range of subjects. Ultimately, the goal is to position Mazars as a sustainable key player in its markets by fostering technical excellence, inspiring management, and bold leadership.

Sharing knowledge

Our role is to help diffuse best practices and next practices to our partners and staff around the world. Mazars U makes available a curated selection of multimedia resources (courses, methodologies, tools, videos, books), access to best-in-class faculty and trainers (both internal and external), and collaborative spaces to build, exchange, and share knowledge. 

Catalysing innovation

“Status quo is not an option:” this a key message from the Group Executive Leadership. Our industry and markets are evolving quickly and we cannot afford to stand still. Mazars University raises awareness of the importance of innovation for continued growth, and supports pioneering projects and pilots.

Programmes of Mazars University

From the start of your career to Partnership, Mazars offers innovative educational experiences to develop our talents. All of our programmes are designed to help staff acquire the technical excellence and business acumen to offer value driven solutions to our clients.

Our curriculum is built around three pillars of competency:

People Focus

Developing ability to manage and lead people and projects. Programmes and courses help our staff develop their communication and presentation skills, while also centering on coaching, managerial skills, and other essential abilities to develop and lead a team.

Client Focus

Developing the ability to add value to clients through problem-solving and solution-driven attitudes. Our clients are changing fast, as are their needs and priorities, to be client-focused requires knowing how to communicate with impact and organize client projects effectively throughout the entire client relationship (from the pitch to the delivery).

Performance Focus

To develop the skillsets, particularly technical, that will enhance our staff’s performance, we offer specific training for each service line.

Each learning experience is fun, formative, and collaborative, drawing out our collective intelligence.

Induction Seminars

New Assistant Induction

Welcome to the firm, this seminar introduces you the basic technical and professional training you need to start your job right.

New Senior Induction

The purpose of this seminar is to increase the effectiveness of Seniors in terms of client relationships, teams, and personal management.  Through case studies, role plays, and plenary discussions, participants will practice key skills to improve their client approach, raise team performance, and increase personal impact, while giving them a range of tools and techniques to implement in the workplace.

New Manager Development Programme

The move from completing own personal tasks to managing the workload of others can be daunting. This comprehensive regional training course gives a thorough overview of the skills and techniques newly appointed managers need to master in order to succeed with confidence, developed and delivered by Mazars senior partners and senior professionals who share their experience and tips.

Partner Induction Programme 

At Mazars, becoming a CARL partner is the occassion to celebrate, to understand your responsibilities and reward for making it thus far, and to mark the start of a new career path. This is a business and strategy session with key decion-makers and senior partners within the group. The goal is to help our new CARL partners shape their own vision and future impact within our integrated firm.

Leadership Seminars

MOVE: This programme is designed to give high-potential seniors and managers the opportunity to gain international exposure and experience. Participants spend 2-6  months in another Mazars office  on a business-oriented project. Participants will develop their leadership competencies and personal network, while building up their cross-cultural capabilities and improving cross-firm collaboration.

LEAD: We need to prepare our future partners to lead and perform in an evolving and highly competitive environment. This seminar is intended to ignite senior managers on their journey to Partnership, by assessing their individual strengths and areas for improvement, and helping them design their individual roadmaps for partnership incorporating principles of innovation, business development and shared leadership.

Mittlestand Business School: This programme focuses on how to provide advisory services to mid-market clients for our managers and senior managers. Mid-market clients – the Mittelstand in German – are internationalizing more and more and facing new market complexities. This programme has been tailored around the conversations and tools we can use to engage with these clients to become trusted business advisors.

The Next MBA: A 6-week thought leadership MBA with participants from Mazars and external partner companies. A programme for rising stars in executive leadership positions on how to respond to and thrive in, both personally and organizationally, the critical transformations within business today. For more information, see

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